Paint or bust

Congratulations! You’ve bought yourself an old house. Your first house. Now what?

The first thing I knew for sure, the wallpaper on the first floor had to go. Before you go getting mad at me, hear me out!

Why we took down the wallpaper:

  • Three different color patterns in the same space was making me dizzy
  • it was peeling
  • Because it was dark and smelled like smoke

We wanted to get the social spaces done before the big furniture arrived, so it was less to move twice. Having a two week window was going to be fantastic! How hard could it possibly be??

First lesson in old home ownership: projects rarely go by quickly or easily.

The plan was to have some family and friends over for a little wallpaper removal party!! Paid in food, beverage, and a first look at the house. A great time was had by all, especially the house. She made it very clear, this paper was NOT coming off without a fight.

Multiple trips to the hardware store 30 minutes away, left us with a working solution of score, soak with remover, steam, and scrape.

This is a view opposite from the wall we scraped above. This section of the space had a lighter wallpaper, but the same border. The wall out of sight, to the left, was the third wallpaper variation.

It was all removed, except the heating pipes! They stayed wrapped for conversation purposes.

After twelve years, I’m starting to feel a new color is coming for downstairs. Whatever we choose will be another timeless color we can enjoy for a long time.

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